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I'm a Texan who lives in Sweden. It's interesting. I don't take this (blogging) too seriously. Until I do. Sometimes.

32 Weeks

The other night we were lying in bed and I said, “so tomorrow, I’m 33 weeks pregnant.” And then we freaked out and said, “wait, this is going TOO fast.” But then, the next morning my little pregnancy app said it was actually Week 32 and the rush of relief and also disappointment I felt was intense. Is pregnancy always like this? The wanting to hold the little one so close and also all like, wait take your time.

Truth be told, we are more or less ready for the baby when it comes to material items. Since our boys will only be 21 months apart,  we’ve kept most of Henry’s newborn essentials and I’ve been slowly adding to the pile throughout the months.

Baby now has a place to sleep, a little nook across from our bed. We bought a new-to-us co-sleeper a couple weeks ago and I hope it will be the perfect solution to the question: “where to put the baby when he’s sleeping?!” Because when it was just Henry we put Henry anywhere and everywhere. But I’m guessing it’s not the smartest or safest to put the new baby on the floor or the couch with Henry running, hopping, rolling, and stomping around. Henry’s idea of careful and gentle is very different than ours, but he tries. Sometimes.

We made the fabric banner thingy for above the crib. Gillis joked the whole time that it looked very Blair Witch Project, and yeah, definitely not the prettiest or most infant-y thing to put above a crib, but I think it’s kinda nice. And one day the boys will share a room, so there’s no need to build a proper nursery nook.

I’ve also been in serious nesting mode and we are like 96% finished with the gallery wall in the living room.

It’s not perfect, but I love seeing all these different pieces of art and some of the memories they hold on our walls. Also, can anyone suggest good, cheap(isn) frames that aren’t IKEA? The quality of their frames has really gone down with cheap plastic “glass” that easily breaks and plastic wood. And wow- let’s not talk about the crazy glare on frames. Drives. Me. Crazy.

And we hung some art up in Henry’s room as well. The armadillo I’ve had on my wish list for about four years. It’s made with maps from Texas, so sentimental value right there. The plan is to put up some family photos after the new baby comes along. (I’ve made a few other changes to the nursery and would so soon love to share them).

And then once again, our little family has been plagued with some nasty colds. Henry’s being the worst mix of coughing, high fever, and general misery. Lots of naps and cuddles for him. And then right as he started to get his groove back, I’m suddenly finding myself with a runny nose and a sore throat. 
Last night Gillis and I agreed that we’ve reached that stage of parenthood where it’s either all going WAY TOO FAST or we are sick. For awhile there, the months just seemed to drag out in the best and worst way possible. I so desperately wanted Henry to be older so he could laugh, crawl, walk, talk, etc. But now he’s there. And I’m just like SLOW DOWN.

The good thing about a new baby, besides it being born (!!!) is that before it comes it really makes you take the time to notice your family. You take the time to enjoy them, hug them, breathe them in. You listen and try to do more meaningful activities together. Your words tend to be nicer, you put the phone away. 

I remember before Henry was born, every night I would cling to Gillis fiercely and tell him over and over how much I loved him. And then I would list all the reasons why. It was intense and crazy, but I was so scared about how Henry would change our two person life. No more spontaneous movies or dinners or late nights binge-watching TV with lazy sleeping-in mornings. How would this baby change our relationship?

Henry slept between us for the first five months of his life and we both loved it, but we were both so incredibly happy to get our bed back when we moved him to his crib.

I am trying to be more present with Henry. To not check Facebook, instagram, etc etc when he is around. Some days I’m good at this, other days I keep looking for a break. Being “on” 24/7 is exhausting and you start to take the 5 minute breaks when you can. But I would rather remember my time with him building Lego towers and playing peek-a-boo. 
We were also all so much better when our TV wasn’t hooked up. Oops.

And soon, Henry won’t be our only child. I’ve started singing to him at night, after his bottle, I hold him close, and breathe him in. He clings to me, as if he knows that change is coming. He sticks his arms in through my shirt and holds me tight, before his grip loosens with eventual deep sleep.

I guess the lesson in all of this is that time is really never on your side. Because just when you think you have the moment captured, you blink and suddenly everything has changed. Usually for the better though. 


31 weeks

I had a very long post planned for 31 weeks. Lots of thoughts and emotions as we hit the single digits. Henry starts daycare next week, my heart is happy and a bit broken. How strange, these motherhood emotions.

But to be so honest right now, I haven’t been sleeping well and the past two nights have resulted in VERY very very little sleep. Holding a feverish Henry, tossing and turning myself due to such terrible pain in my hips, and all of the anxiety and excitement from everything to come.

So today, I’m a bit of a zombie. Today, I am so incredibly tired and I can’t really properly organise my thoughts. 

But welcome, 31 weeks, even though you are almost over. Let’s hope that week 32 brings more slumber.


30 weeks and counting

So I am now 30 weeks pregnant. And I feel like I just blinked and all of a sudden I had this huge bump and am waddling every where. Gillis says I have a gentle sway when I walk, which is lovely, but he really means waddle. 

For the most part, this pregnancy has been easy breezy. Yes, I am SUPER tired most of the time and I have hip problems that keep me from doing normal people things. I keep forgetting that my body doesn’t want me to do common everyday things like WALK longer than 5 minutes and it hurts. It’s also a bit frustrating to be in pain after walking a few hundred meters when I’m pretty used to long walks. I’m also slow. Poor Gillis is always few steps ahead and there I am, swaying along as fast as I can. Even toddler Henry with his little toddler stomp stomp stomp is faster than me.

So mentally, me and this pregnancy have been on a roller coaster of emotions. This little baby boy was and is so very wanted, but as I have mentioned before, I am anxious and scared. At least now I have the confidence that I CAN DO THIS but can I do this with two kids?

You never count on loving someone so very much, more than all of everything, and then you have a child and everything changes. It is very hard to imagine loving someone more than I love Henry. But I know it happens and I know it is possible. Just like I never imagined loving Henry as much as I do. Nothing can really prepare you for that.

But as each week progress I get more and more excited to meet this little one. I am not as worried as I was with Henry, I feel more prepared, and I suppose I am less consumed with all thoughts baby all the time. Instead my thoughts are more a long the toddler circuit and that keeps me pretty busy. Sorry, little baby.

But I guess that’s what I worry about. Since Henry is my full-time job, I am consumed by that. I worry about not making the time for the new baby. But I suppose it’s also because it was only 18.5 months ago that I had a new baby, that I now feel more competent and together this time around.

There is less to worry about with my second son because my first son has already taught me so much. 

And I realized last night that I only have 10 weeks left with just Henry. We have literally spent every day together and every night (minus one) since he was born. I feel like I’ve been letting him down lately since I’m basically just a huge couch slob, but Gillis reminded me, “he’s not going to remember this part, this part is for us.” But do I want to remember myself as a couch slob? No, not really, but I also hope that I will be less hard on myself in a few months time.

In other news, Spring is here. We’ve had really fantastic weather lately and the trees are starting to bloom and leaves are starting to show green. It’s a really lovely and promising time. It was such a very long winter. I was not happy for most.

I feel as if this Spring, this early summer, our second son, is a sign of all the good things to come for our little family. As apprehensive as I may sound, we are so excited and so ready (well, 10 weeks from now…), and already so in love.

And I’ve started to make a few changes to the nursery. With the new move and Spring and the new baby, my nesting has been out of control. Internet shopping is my new best friend and I’m on this crazy mission to have our home in order before June. 

It will be done.

So that’s where we are at with 10 weeks left. If you don’t mind I’ll try to start throwing in more belly shots and more thoughts as we reach the final countdown. 


The Newest Apartment Bedroom

Wanna see some horrible pictures of our bedroom?

With an intro like that, I know you are so incredibly exceed to see our bedroom.

Let me start with this, it’s so far from done and these photos were taken with my amazing iPhone with a little imp at my knees. But I promise, that soon, because I’m in crazy nesting mode, this apartment will be done and decorated. BAM.

So the above photo is what our bedroom looks like now. Minus the big lump of white fabric on the bed. That’s a curtain by the way. I couldn’t be bothered to move it for the photo. Or really make the bed, apparently.

Here is what our bedroom looked like last week. Yes, it’s so much cleaner and our bed is made. But a change was needed. Here’s why:

This room is huge. It’s not really pictured here but I’m standing at the edge of the rug and there is still room (a whole wall of closets in fact) behind me. 

I have this thing about having a bed against a window or facing a window, I love it. And I just had this amazing image of our bed against that giant window looking all breezy and white. And it did look good.

But once we put our bed in, what to do with the rest of the space? That was the question. I had this idea of finding a HUGE amazing rug and putting up some huge amazing art. But a huge, amazing rug isn’t really in the budget (I’ve been looking) and the art probably wasn’t going to be in the budget either.

And I really want this place together by May. Baby is due in June. 

So after living with the half of the bedroom filled with our bed and the other half a complete negative space and no way to fill it (we need access to those closets) I decided to forgo my love of the window-bed set up and flip the bed so it’d be parallel to the window. 

This way it would take up more space in the room (I know, what a problem… but personally I prefer smaller bedrooms) and we could save money on a rug hunt by using the previously too-small IKEA rug to help frame the bed.

It looks so much better now. The rug is still bit too small, but it’s what we got right now. I moved a painting from the living room above our bed and suddenly I was super inspired to finish the bedroom and full of ideas to make it the best room possible with our budget and my vision.

The plan:

1. Buy proper bedside tables. Right now we are using a stool and a step ladder for bedside tables. I would like something wide, midcentury, and with at least one drawer.
2. Wall lights. We have really sweet little bedside lamps but I think a wall light with a long arm would help fill out the wall and frame the bed. 
3. A different ceiling lamp. I really like the Tord Boontje garland light but it just so small in this big space. I have a few ideas.
4. Hem our really long curtains, because they are too long by about 50 centimetres. :)
5. Carve out a little space for the new baby. NB will sleep in our room in the beginning. Maybe between us like Henry did, or maybe in his own crib (we’re planning on buying a little bedside crib). There is an empty space to the left of the wardrobe that we will probably make into new baby’s space.

And that’s it. A pretty easy and managable list, I think. 

I’ve never prioritized our bedroom when decorating, it’s always been the last room that we’ve finished decorating, but now is the time!

And better (much better) pictures to come. One day.


18 Months is a hard age

Right now I am waiting for Henry to wake up from his nap. He’s already woken up twice and fussed and then gone back to bed, so here is hoping he naps for another half hour… Good luck.

Let me say this: stay at home parenting is hard! I mean there are A LOT of easy bits, cozy bits, wonderful-sunshiney bits. But ever since Henry became mobile and started to realize he has some control over his own life he has decided to exercise that control to his upmost power.

I know it’s all about setting boundaries, being firm with “no”, praising the good behavior, and generally just being a parent and not a friend. But jeez, this age of not really understanding anything but wanting to do everything is like the craziest roller coaster ride of emotions ever.

Right now Henry isn’t so fond of his stroller. I get it. He wants to walk, run, crawl, “hop” (he can’t hop, he thinks he can though, it’s cute), and slide around everywhere. But when we do go out sans stroller he either:
A. refuses to hold my hand and that just doesn’t fly when we’re around traffic
B. will hold my hand and then five steps later, randomly sit down. Ok. When you dare to reach for him, he will suddenly lay down. And then just hang out there with a huge grin on his face. And then when you pick him up he goes completely limp and slides out of your grip.

What do you do with that? How do you go anywhere, do anything with someone like that?

Control. Is. Everything. 

And since I’m 7 months pregnant with hip problems, I’m reallllly struggling on how to deal with this situation. Do I wait him out? Force him into the stroller? Pretend to walk away? Run off and cry out of frustration? I don’t know!

And also what’s up with this kid and climbing on freakin’ everything that is incredibly dangerous? I swear, he doesn’t get this sense of danger from me.

I get it, I do. I just wish I had a way to make him understand, but he’s 18 months and his brain is still developing rationality and it will be some time before I can actually sit him down and explain why life can be so dangerous.

And I understand daycare. Henry is in line for daycare and he’s ready. I’m ready. I love, love staying home with him. I think that it’s been really beneficial to us both the past 18 months, but he is so much better behaved around people who aren’t me. And I’m his mom, I’m a bit of a pushover, especially now with guilty-pregnacy hormones and being just super exhausted all the time. He could definitely use some daycare in his life.

And since I am his daily caretaker, I’m always at a loss and always feeling kinda guilty about our day. He’s 18 months. What kind of activities should we be doing? Am I teaching him enough? What should he know? Is the TV on too much (yes)? Are we having fun? 

But on another note, I have no idea how working parents do it either. You guys must be exhausted at the end of the day. And then there is still the whole dinner, bath, bed time, etc etc. 

So I guess to summarize, parenting is hard for anyone. I look back at the younger days with Henry, when he was just a lazy lump and I really took that for granted. But then again, he was waking up several times a night and wasn’t as fun and interesting as he is now. Lumpy Henry didn’t give random hugs and kisses and sweetly feed us bits of his food. Lumpy Henry was sweet and cuddly, but 18 month Henry is such a little person and I love getting to know this little person. It’s a fantastic person to know.

(The picture above is from this morning at our playgroup. He picked out the princess dress and crown and was so darn happy to wear it. Love, love, love him).


The Newest Apartment Henry’s Room

Henry’s room was the first room we “finished” but looking at these pictures I realize that the room needs a bit more… something. But it’s only been a month, we’ve ordered some art, and come summer I know the room will need some sunlight blocking curtains.

We really want to keep this space as open and flexible as possible since Henry might end up sharing the room with his brother one day. (I say “might” only because Gillis and I move so often that it would be a true miracle if we stay here longer than a year… ha). Also it’s a small room, so it can’t be too crowded.

This room also gets the least amount of sunlight and has an itty-bitty window. I want to keep things bright and white to help reflect the little bit of light that the room does actually get.

The two dressers we used in our last apartment’s bedroom. They hold clothes for Henry and the new baby (let’s call him NB from now on) and diaper supplies, as well as a bunch of miscellaneous items that are still finding their home in this apartment.

I plan on buying a new changing mat before NB comes (we also have a changing station in the bathroom) and I’m debating on keeping it white or using a fun(!) color like grey or blue. Maybe a stripe? Endless possibilities in the changing mat area. 
And because Henry grabs everything off any space his height, we only have a few necessities on the dresser top: hand sanitizer, baby monitor, and his beloved hippo nightlight.

The shelves are by String and they hold Henry’s books that he is a bit too young for (aka he would rip them to pieces) as well as a few decorative things that he would also destroy. I really try hard to only buy things for him that he can actually touch or play with, but some things are too nice looking not to buy. (Promise a more detailed shelf shot to come later)

The mobile is by Flendsted and the lights are Happy Lights.  We put up another little coat hanger by Norrgavel at Henry level to hold his little baby backpack, which you can see right by the door.

Directly opposite of the dressers is Henry’s crib. It’s IKEA, it’s great. I know this space looks really boring, so it’s still a work in progress. We hung the Baby Deer print out of Henry’s reach and I’m hesitant to put anything else on the wall since NB’s crib might be there one day too.

The chair is the classic Lamino chair and we’ve been borrowing it from Gillis’ parents for over a year now. We also need a new throw pillow for the chair, I really dislike the light blue with the grey. And we bought this great white, grey, brown rug the other week. It really lightened up the room. It’s off centre in the picture, but it was a nice addition. The sheepskin is from a little sheep farmer down the road from Gillis’ parent’s house.

PS. Thanks for the photobomb Henry.

Before we moved in, Henry’s room had absolutely no storage in it. So we went out and bought this IKEA Stuva unit. I really love the little bench part and put a comfy sheep skin over a mattress on it. 

I mentioned that I ordered some art and hopefully in a few weeks we will have a big ol* poster and a few nice, handmade prints (not by me!) up on the wall. I also have a few scraps of wallpaper laying around and was thinking of using them in the back of the bookshelves. 

I like the garland a lot, but it won’t stay there. Maybe around the door?

Basically the goal of this room is to make it look fun but peaceful? I’m a big fan of a white bedroom, but I want Henry’s room to look a little less sterile. And that will come with time as we settle in here a bit more.

Now we just have our bedroom and the bathroom left. And then hopefully in a few months some “finished” room pictures!


A Small Part

Welcome Spring. After a week of fog and grey, it has finally, finally been consistently sunny here. Finally.

Right now I am sick. Gillis had some type of terrible cold that he generously passed on to me. The only catch is he can take NyQuil and I can’t. But right now I’m laying on our couch, watching a very old episode of 7th Heaven, and doing a bit of online window shopping. 

As I’ve mentioned a few times, I had a really rough Fall/Winter here in Malmö. Like really, really rough. I’m working on it and have been making a few changes in my life to help me get back on track.

The first change follows that saying “look good, feel good.” Perhaps a bit shallow, but it does work!

Last Friday, I took the whole day to myself. From 9:30-3:30 I spent the day getting my hair coloured (it’s finally long enough for a bit of ombre action!) and later I had a makeup consultation and then I ate lunch at a really tiny cafe that would never have been able to fit in Henry’s pram. I honestly couldn’t remember the last time I spent so much time by myself. It was pretty therapeutic.

It’s a blurry picture, taken in the late evening, but maybe you can tell the new ombre style? 
I realized a few weeks ago that my hair and face needed a bit of a change. When I was pregnant with Henry I chopped off all of my hair (big mistake!) but I felt like I needed to do something this time to make me feel a bit more, I don’t know, fresh? Modern? Pretty? I was kind of in this pregnant slump, but I’m feeling really inspired to get out of it and make the most of these last few months.

By the way, the third trimester starts next week. Next freakin’ week!

I got my makeup done at the Bobbi Brown kiosk at Åhlens, a local department store here. I told the makeup artist that I wanted something fast, fresh, and easy. And that’s exactly what I got. At first I was a bit disappointed because the two other times I’ve had my makeup done (all at big turning points in my life) they’ve always done these elaborate looks with four different eyeshadows and lipstick and bronzers. I would end up buying the products, use them for a few weeks, and then would go back to my normal routines which rarely includes eyeshadow and never includes bronzer.  

However, after a few minutes with my new Bobbi Brown makeup I realized that it was exactly what I was looking for. And so far, I’m super happy with everything I bought, especially the cream blush which goes on more glow-y than my normal powder blush.

Other big changes? I cleaned out my closet. That should be another post for another time, because I have a lot of thoughts about my new closet and ideas for future purchases. Basically I’m trying to have a simple, but working wardrobe with only a few items that I know without doubt look good on me and that I will wear consistently. 

It takes a bit of time to curate a closet like that and I know that many of the items in my closet now will change after the New Baby is born. So I’ve been researching brands and one of my consumer goals is to start buying sustainable and ethical clothing. Not always the easiest task- but it should be- right? 

Really it’s Henry who has inspired me to take a look at where I buy from. It’s interesting because I would easily shell over a pretty penny for his clothing to be ethical, sustainable, organic, etc etc but when it comes to my wardrobe I haven’t really ever given those standards much thought. 

But there is a lot of child labor in the world and horrible working conditions for moms and dads and just people in general, and after having a family of my own, I’d like to start doing a small part of good in the world by buying smarter. It’s a small start, very small, I know, but hopefully will lead me to thinking this way in other areas of my life.

If anyone can suggest some great clothing brands that follow the above criteria- please advise.



The Newest Apartment Kitchen

This new kitchen is big. Apparently all the apartments in our building were renovated in 2010 so not only is it a big kitchen, but it’s basically new. 

I’ll be honest here, it’s a pretty basic kitchen, but as far as rental apartment kitchens go- it’s a pretty good basic kitchen.

See that stone floor? It’s not stone, it’s this really gross and amazing material called “plastic mat” and I generally hate it. But for some reason I kind of love it in our kitchen. It’s a bit squishy and makes cleaning up alllllllll of Henry’s many messes really fast and easy. 

The best part about our kitchen is the view. Henry and I sit together at the table during lunch and dinner and we talk about all the cars and the bus that has a stop down the street and sometimes about the dogs or birds that we see. I love that view. 

The light is the Kartell FL/Y and adds a nice touch of color, the table is IKEA and we actually just replaced it (yay- finally!), chairs are knock-off Eames, and the calendar is the ever so simply lovely Stendig.

Here’s the sink area, including my old coffee cup in the sink. You’ll notice our baby-proofed stove and I should note that all the cabinets are baby-proofed. It’s nice, like really nice, because we couldn’t baby-proof many of the drawers in our old apartment.

ALSO! The best thing happened this past week and the lower cabinet to the right of the sink was replaced with a dishwasher. A real, full size dishwasher. Life changing stuff there. 

And that’s kind of it as far the kitchen goes. I have plans to hang some art next to the Stendig, but really that’s about it in this space. Wanna see our new table?

Super exciting right? It’s your basic IKEA extendable table. I think it’s the Bjursta? Anyways, I found it on a secondhand site for a steal and now it’s ours.

You see, we used to own this really nice Danish, teak table. But boy was that a sensitive table. Any bit of water or heat and that table would just freak out. So when Henry started eating actual food, we did the smart parenting thing and sold the table. (We had no room to store it). And then we bought the IKEA Docksta table since at the time we had a small dining space. I like IKEA furniture, it’s ok stuff, but that Docksta is a piece of crap. Yes, my kid really abused that table, but within a few months there were scratches and paint falling off and stains and watermarks, and I just expected a bit more from a dining table.

We hadn’t even owned it a year, but I was over it. I also didn’t like how cramped it felt when having friends over, so when we had the opportunity to get a bigger table I jumped on it.

In comes our new-to-us other IKEA table and so far, so good. The white finish on the Docksta was a mistake, so plain ol’ oak should hold a bit more to Henry’s dining adventures.

One day I’d love a really nice table, but until my baby/s stop smearing food all over everything, I’m 100% ok with a cheaper table. That is if you can’t see the paint flaking off it. :)


Updates, Plans, Etc

Hey, look at that- it’s March! The month I never thought would come, because January was so long. And February had it’s moments too. I am sad to say that most of March has been grey. Grey, foggy, cold. I wasn’t expecting tropical weather, but some sunshine… come on! All of us, and I think I’m speaking for pretty much most of the world, is ready for spring. 

We’ve been in our new apartment for almost a month now and I love it. I love the light, the space, the location. I’ve always thought I wanted one these old turn-of-the century homes (like our old apartment) but this modern apartment with it’s boxy rooms, non-creaky floors, and wide hallways is just what we needed. Who knew? (Well, I guess we did since we moved here..)

And I really like our new neighborhood, we’ve lived close by before and Gillis’ job used to have a work-apartment just a few streets over, so I’m pretty familiar with all of the shops, cafes, etc around here. The two best things about our new neighborhood:
1. There are at least 8 playgrounds and 2 really gorgeous parks all within a 5-15 minute walk from us. And the beach is 10 minutes away.
2. My favourite pram-friendly cafe is 5 minutes away.

So good, right?

We’ve been working really hard at decorating, fixing, organizing and my goal is to have everything ready and decorated by mid-May. The new baby is due early June and I just want to have everything set up and looking nice before he arrives. I ordered a bunch of art last week, a bunch of art that I’ve been eyeing for months, some for years, and I can’t wait for it to arrive. 

Henry is growing and is full of mischievous energy, in fact, I’ve had several complete strangers tell me what a rascal he is. Not even kidding, but that kid has a serious devilish streak in him. He’s a lot of fun, has a great sense of humour,  and pretty much never stops talking. Right now it’s all about colors- red and yellow get mixed up a lot. And then there’s the whole climbing thing, because my kid is half monkey…? I don’t know, I found him trying to scale our dishwasher the other day. Our flat, sleek surfaced dishwasher apparently reminded him of a climbing wall.

And I am now 26 weeks pregnant, and soon we just have three months left. I’m trying to really enjoy this pregnancy, now that I know what it’s like, what to expect, I feel a bit more prepared. I am trying not to push myself as much as I did with my first and to say “no” to plans when I’m too tired or ask for help when I need it.  

Gillis has been really great by letting me sleep in on the mornings (he gets up at 6:00 with Henry) and then being just really helpful in the evenings. Because by the time Henry is in bed, I’m just done. I have hip problems this pregnancy, which I had with Henry, so at the end of the day I can barely move, much less get up from the couch. But Gillis, he’s so good. And me, I’m so lucky.

And speaking of, he’s home on Fridays with us now and I’m hoping I can take a few hours each morning to sit and write. I need to do something non-Henry related every once in a while and I feel ready for it. It’s time. It’s time to give myself a hobby again.

So here’s to this new life, this new and growing family, and new plans. I hope we will see more of each other.


The Newest Apartment Entryway

So one of the better things, maybe the best, about this apartment is the incredibly large entryway. You see, the apartment was built to be wheelchair friendly so the space is huge. And with our soon family of four, huge spaces are are a huge deal. We’ve never had a big entryway, but with all this Swedish winter-gear, all the coats and boots and gloves, it’s just so good. And as someone who thrives off organisation and order, this is my dream come true.

So above is the the part of our entry where where you first walk in. I realize that it looks pretty empty, but usually it’s piled with our various jackets and scarves, so I’m trying to leave this space as calm and as simple as possible.

The coat hangers are from Norrgavel and they’re my favourite. It’s a bit ridiculous to love a coat hanger, but I love these. So much. And you’ll probably recognize the IKEA trones, which holds most of our shoes. The stool is also from IKEA. The mirror is vintage and the print is by Lotta Olsson- I bought it here

Really, for me, this part of our entryway is done. The only thing to do is to buy a doormat that properly fits the inside of the door. It’s not shown in the photo, but the one we have is way too big. 

Also, this particular area gets the prettiest light on sunny day. Just this really gorgeous, golden light. 

If you turn immediately to your left from our front door, the entryway continues into a hallway. There is a fairly decent sized space that we made into an office-like area.

The wooden console is actually a kitchen island from IKEA that we used in our previous kitchen, mainly to give us more counter space. The drawers now hold pens, office supplies, and a lot of knick-knacks.

The shelves are thrifted and we’re still trying to decide if they are actual String shelves or a knock-off. The sticker on the bottom of the shelves is so faded, it’s hard to tell. Either way, they work. You’ll recognise the Andy Warhol print that just about every home has these days. You can buy them here, but only in the actual museum.

Other odds and ends are from a few design stores around Malmö or Stockholm or IKEA. 

I also consider this space pretty much done. A bit further down the hallway is a little nook where I want to add a mirror, but that’s about it. 

And now my little is telling me it’s time to stop writing, so until next time…